What do we work for?


We have to reevaluate the reasons for work because presently we work to supoport consumer capitalist buisness and its needs, rather than have buisness and its abilitys work for us.

It, primarily, is to provide the things we need to survive.
So then we have to ask "what do we need to survive and survive well"?
How much work, would provide the things we need?
The answer Not much; Food, Shelter, Health And Entertainment, mostly.
Knowing that we NEED very much less than we create and consume and then throw away.

Imagen if there was a law that said everything should last 400 years and be completely recyclable. One consequence is that we would need to do less work.
another is that work put into society is not chucked away and thus wasted.
Throw a shit one away and buy another shit one for 400 years will waste vastly more than making one good one that lasts 400 years. Throwing that resorce away only means someone has to make another: and so the slavery of mass consumerism becomes apparent.
Why do we do this? One justifieable analasys is that as we came out of feudalism and power has been wrested from them by buiseness and its needs.
We work to supoport buisness and its bosses rather than have buisness work for us.


I posit the idea that :

2 days work given each week will easily provide all the basic essentials.

If we had essentials provided with minimal 2 day work, we would just loose interest in working quite so hard. It thretens manufacurers because you wont be rushing out to work quite so redily. You might even have much more fun.




Start simple make bread free, after everyone stuffs themselves and get over the novilty, people just get bread only when they want it.

Dole bollocks.

How about giving volenteers £20 a day on top of any benefit to update the nations infrastructure frombridge painting or  rail laying to replacing a fews in a pensiones house. But dont do it as a punishment or penalize the benefit.

Universal benefit.

This is such a good idea. I know bisness wont like it but it keeps society lubricant moving around and that is basicaly good. People wont be forced to work quite so hard and that is good. It destroys less and gives us more time for family, friends and interests. It give us back our lives.


I know that this is not short but it is so that a complicated point can be made simple.
Please forgive me.

The contention that work is solution to being unemployed and that it should be seen as a cure is wrong.
It is an assumption:
That  idea that work is the clenser of the soul and that to not be working is somehow a bad thing, Why?
The one thing we all aspire to is to have more time for ourselves,
So why the asumption that not haveing work is bad?
After all The many societys throughout history, give money to non workers and held them in high esteem, a philosophical eilete, existing on socielty handouts, just as buddist monks can still be seen to do.
Thiese people are not bad.
Their influence has not been evil or destructive. Indeed some of the worlds most beutifull things have been percieved by people who dont have a job; sunsets, a clear blue sky and starlings, The softest skin and gentlest kiss.
And some of the worlds most beutifull things have been created by "unemployd", people without a job.
The highest arts collectivly percieved, concived and made flesh, by unemployed people.

Few but the unemployed can have time to have tea , read a book then about noon get a nice sandwich and maybee go for a strole. In the afternoon ponder on the ways in which interests  have effects on things around us. Watching with interst as power plays flow from place to place.
We have never worked so hard nor produced so much.
We have never been so numinous or so powerfull. 
Indeed we boast of being the hardest working.
We are now the most dymamic force we has ever been, So much so that we are destroying the very planet we live on.

So why are we so unhappy about a few who do not?
After all, they are not in a luzury of worldly goods, thay dont do any harm to the planet , the way the rest of us do.
They exist at negligable cost us or the planet; live on societys meagre hand-outs, dont declare war, dont fly in jets, dont de-fraude  millions of people about pensions or stocks or banks.
So why are we so fussed up about the unemployed?
Clearly some are jelous, some vengfull; why should we work and them not? why indeed?


1 who sets the adgenda ?
We represent power, power can taken from us by others.
We do a deal and swop our real power in the form of work for money, that money is then taken from us by people who are doing it for their own best intersts, not yours.
Indeed their only interest in you is, how much of your money can they get from you. They have to keep you working to be able to keep takeing money from you.
That  have been doing it for a long time and they are very good at it. 
There are not many of them and they set the agenda.
Its not a conspiracy, its just that what's good for one is pritty much the same for all of them.
Since they make and sell most things, have most of the money (power you've put in)  thay can set the adgenda; What is work? Work is good, unemployment is bad, most people who are unemployed are actualy warking at one thing or another, doing the dishes, feeding children, washing gran, trying to write a book or a song, creating a work of art or philosophy a jigsaw puzzle or how to get a meal for 0.95 pence.
Its all work. Yes, you might be unemployed but not out of work, its just unpaid work.
So why is it that un-payed work is bad. Our ideas are constantly being modified by the information around us and if one small group control your information, humans beings being what they are, you can be shure they are using it for there own Good.
Its a power game, Sony want whats good for Sony proffits, Westinghouse wants whats good for Westinghouse, and Interbrew want whats good for Interbrew.
So what is good for them?
You've got to keep spending, thats whats good for all of them. You've got to keep working so hat you can keep spending. So you can keep them rich.
You've got to give them your power.
Keep working, keep buying, keep breading, keep throwing away your crappy, out of fashion, products that are riddled with inbuilt obsalesance,  just so you can keep the whole slave culture alive and consuming. (ask yourself why it is not law to make products that last 400?)
We have become a great parasite sucking the life out of us and the planet. Our consumer capitalism, controled by the super rich, is akin to a cancer. A cancer that is destroying our world (many speices have already succomed to extinction under the presure) and as shurely.
 is destroying any hope of a genuinly inclusive cultue who retains its wealth, its power, and its freedom to chose not to work
Saddly I see the have of of an adgender, it comeing so soon after the most agressive government on the long term unemployed.

2 Why shouldent we work less?
What is so wrong with not haveing a job. We aspire to it, the very wealthy expect it.
It is life's goal, "retire and we will time for ourselves".
Enjoy the good thing in life . What are they Love , food , sex, comfort, all thiese things dont need to be expensive.
Seeing that work is so often us haveing to do horrid things just to get by, thus missing ones chance to enjoy ones own life, where is the philosophical grouding for the argument that we should all work so hard?
True, we need food, clothing, accomodation and security. But can easily be achieved with just a little work, alowing us to enjoy the sunset and a nice cup of tea befor snuggling up with a loved one and enjoying a secure dry and warn home.
And we can achieved without the need for both parents to work all day long just so they can do it all again tommorrow.
We have wonderfull machines that do the work of not ten or a hundred men, but thousands of men. It takes minits to produce a car, fridge, guitar or wheel barrow. Cheese, whiskey and wine need only be stored to make the better, and waiting costs nothing.
I recently asked a factory how much could I get a flat computor screen for, and the answer appauled me. £10 each if I bourght 10,000 of them! In other words a screen costs less that £10 to make when they sell for 1 or 200 to buy and that was with them makeing their own proffit.

I contest the idea that we should work so hard. That progress is a good thing. Some progress clearly is a good thing just as some work is a good thing.
But progress for progress's sake? Where does that lead us?
I never believed in it because it was so obviously rigged but now we have proof that progress is not nesseceraly good because we can now measure each step, each progression, against the health of our planet.

For example;
Was all that fossil feul good ? It seemed so but now we know it has realeased billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and it will change things so dramaticaly that some scientists are saying our species may not survive it. I dont see how that bit of progress was so good.
Plastics, filling up the seas killing wild life.
Fertilizers , poisonong rivers.
TV , removeing any need to go out and so destroying live entertainment.
Fast food, destroying peoples diets.
Supermarkets, destroying most small buisinesses.
Cars, we are getting because nothing is local and we cant walk to anywhere.
We know we are extinguishing about 1 third of all mamales  and are causing the near colapse of multiple eco systems, any one of which could, cause major even total colapse of food chains, and weather ballances.
Every time I chuck away a product, that someones work wasted, I just throw it away.
Its the same with buildings the same with cars the same toys and its even the same as when Sainsburys or woolworths leave doors open with heaters full on. Its all peoples work being wasted.
If we did not waste give our money to people who are wealthier than we are, we would not need to work so god damed hard.
We all put our money into banks and yet it is those very banks who through interest make that money worth less. Although to earn interest, which seem good, it does not keep up with inflation. That is another way ones wealth is being taken away from us every day.

We love doing stuff but we dont like working so hard.
If we didnt waste so much on crappy goods and wernt so much a slave to "progress" we would have much more time and money.
When we make things that are totaly recycleable and will work for 400 years we wont need to work so hard makeing them again and again.
If we collectivly said "Enough, we want a society that gives a dam about us", we could have it and the battle would be on, but we could have a really nice, just, fair and giving society because, instead of being slaves we would posses our own money and thus our power.
The only question is how do we get there without vested intrests, (trying to protect them selves by choseing what is shouted about and what is ignored,) from grasping the focus of attention, and you show was part of the vested interests playing out their little game. We must get our prioritys right.


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