Species Extinction is very dangerous to us, both directly and indirectly. A letter about ecology which recieved truly lame responses including that from Peter hulm-cross


The trouble with Species extinction is that "when its gone,it's gone" there is no way to come  back. That means that if we accidentaly kill a "keystone" species a whole eco cycle dissaperes with it. Naturaly this can come back and bite us in the arse. Imagen if plankton dissapere? vast swathes of creatures rely directly on plancton and many more indirectly rely on the creatures who rely on it and still more who rely predate them, right up to the top of the food chain. including there dropings and environment changing effects.

A good example:

Otter in a Canadian story, ate sea urchins in a rich kelp forest as as any temporate forest on land, which supported microscopic life and fish and crustacia and mamle preditors and seabird populations. The sea urching collectors were angry that their crop was being eaten and decided to kill the otters. when the otters were gone the sea urchins ate the entire root structure of the kelp and the forest washed away. when the forest was gone all the creatures had no hohe or food and so the also when. The result was a desert. A desert is a very hard place to survive.



Well done
Humans have now killed or endangered 1 third of all the species on planet earth.
And why? Just because we cant get to grips with our own concept; that of money.
Money will not feed us nor keep us warm and safe.
Only a working planet earth can do that.
Whats the matter with you?
Destroying it because it makes fiscal sense is suicide.

As far as we know there is no life enywhere in the universe except here on Earth and we are destroying it for money. A concept unique to humans, and one we clearly cannot cope with.

You have been in power for years and done nothing but destroy our only
For millions of years things have lived and evolved in relative safety and
stability. Now we come along and destroy one third of all life within
50 years and try to make nature justify itself in terms of  cash.
It cant, so we destroy it.

If your child is in trouble you would jump to it and do something positive to help but everything now is in trouble and life and human culture, as we know it, is about to disapere and we do nothing because it might cost to much. Stupid.
Nature cannot justify itself in terms of humans economics.
Do you really believe cash will save humanity?

Consider this, it has destroyed one third of life on this planet and
is changing the ecology so destructively that we cannot survive.
You are supposed to be a statesmen and women, and your job is to help lead us IN SAFETY into our future.
Instead you are taking us and most of the rest of life on earth to our ultimate destruction.
Do something good in your life. Stand up and be responsible
instead of a pathetic , short sighted, destructive fool.
Good economics, as it is proclaimed, will not keep your children safe.

Do you think your children will look kindly
upon those that feathered their own nests at the expense of most life
on earth? That is if they survive.

Have you looked at what is happening and what will happen as a result?
Where do you think people will live and what will people eat when the sea levels rise and the farming land is lost or becomes un-viable?
Our populations object to a few Polish and Rumanians; what will happen when millions of people start to flee their flooded or parched lands to get to a safe place? I can see uncontrollable war and fragmentation.
It will be chaos and you, unbelievably,  are supposed to be in charge.
Think it through, do some basic reading.
There are thousands of very serious problems that will gang up and , when it is all out of control, you will not be able to act at all.
Take the opportunity to save the two thirds of life left on Earth and thus save your own arses (and ours).
Justify you position by acting responsibly, because it wont be possible if you don't start to take the ecology seriously. Not for me, but for all life. 

Especially think of your own children. When they struggle just to stay alive, how will you explain your inactivity ?


COP2 Letters.

 Tuesday 15 December 2009

Dear Keith Hill,

For godness sake make our leaders in Copenhagen take the actions
nesssacery to stop ecological disaster. It dosnt realy matter what it
costs, life is more important.
The small nations are right, we have caused the problem and we should
sort it out, fast. 

So dont let the selfish and irrisponsible manipulate
this agreement. It must be strong.

Yours sincerely,

Leon Maurice-Jones   Dear Keith Hill,
Re Copenhagen talks.

Your talks failed.
The planet cannot sustain your failure.
GO BACK and do it properly.

Yours sincerely,
Leon Maurice-Jones

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