Re: Parliamentary system.

It strikes me that all the changes recommended in the parliamentary system still employ the same sorry lot of parties and politicians.

All have vested interests that muddies politics.

Surely government of the people by the people is achievable by a "Jury System".

Say 150 people take a suggested law, get some experts and advice and make a decision and then their roll is over.

There must also be a way of anyone being able to suggest ideas for laws, which are then worked on. How about a glorified neighborhood watch blended with a reformed council, as a universally inclusive system?

This would allow everybody to be palpable involved in the local and national politics and have the advantage of laws being made that are not bent and twisted by vested interests everyone gets to have a go, not just a determined few.

After much though and while watching the disaffected getting more pissed off, combined with the inability of ordinary members of the public, having any effect on our own environments, I have come up with an idea.

Local Government should start at block level. Lets start of with the size of group that humans feel comfortable with. That happens to be approximately 30 to 150 named people and 400 to 1000ish Known by face.          

Which roughly equates to,, well your street.

That’s handy.

So now you have a basis for the 1st layer of government outside the home; your street. Imagine, you get to say whether you have streetlights and when they come on. Will a shop open? Shall we have cable? Re-lay the tarmac, Plant trees, arrange parking bays, and make sure the old are catered for and that there is a cresh for the kids. etc etc, In short, all the things that concern your direct environment.

When you can decide, street-by-street, when you can see the results of your input, you don’t get to feel disaffected. We, all of us, by being directly involved, are then bound into a community.

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