True "Government of the people, by the people" Does not include political parties because politics and polititians are not fit for the purpose for which they are desinged.


Re: Parlimentary system.

It strikes me that all the changes recomended in the parlimentary system still employ the same sorry lot of partys and polititions.
All have vested interests that muddie politics.

Surley "government of the people, by the people" is achievable by a "Jury System".

You get a letter thru the post. It says that you and say 149 other people, take a suggested law, get some experts and advice and make a decision and then their roll is over.

There must also be a way of anyone being able to suggest ideas for laws which are then worked on. How about a glorified neighbourhood watch blended with a reformed council, as a universaly inclusive sytsem?

This would allow everybody to be palpable involved in the local and national politics and have the advantage of laws being made that are not bent and twisted by vested interests everyone gets to have a go, not just a determined few.



Jury System Parliament


2 Parts

1. Jury system politics

2. The major ecological changes we need to think about.


Jury System Politics:


We have been very badly failed by our politics.

Our Polititions have failed us.

Our Parlimentary system failed us 

And Pariliament has failed us.

There are no statesmen.

Our world is being destroyed but it makes financial sense? 

Our polititions do nothing usefull to save the place, because business is asking them not to.

To such an extent that we are now looking at the end of society and ecology as we know it.

I think that the vested interests have had too much sway over politics for far to long. Business, makes it make sense to destroy our world. That cant be right.

Like religion, Buisiness must not have any part in government. If it does, the world if sunk. So sadly we have to say, “Buisiness, like religion, must have no part in government”. 


Jury System Parliament.

If we want government of the people by the people we must dump the party system and the polititions we have now and move to a Jury System Parliament. (One where no lobbying is allowed.) : You get a letter and you and 100 or 200 people go to Parliament and work on an issue until the best solution is found then you go home and maybe never return.


There must be a system of suggestions from the local level to be sent to the Jury System Parliament.


This system must have a micro level democracy as well. One that starts at street level. Literaly.

You and the people get to say what you want in your area. New street lights, a wensday rubbish collection, cul-de-sac or straight through, “that kid needs containing” or we want a Dr here. And if we need big action we can ask at grass roots and it is put in place by us, from street level. Only when you have that choice will people be involved and connected in their communitys.

It is my profound beliefe that a system like this will not make selfish decisions based on company economics. And will be able to address questions like overpopulation which tho vital, at present no polytition will address.

Which leaves us deep in s***.



Sub topics

Tinkering With The Present System: 

PR and referenda both are just tinkering with a bad system held together by people and institutions with vested interests in not changing things. This is not working in favor of the wider public (whos needs are in turn dependant on nature, so again working for nature, works for man).

Altho with PR a better system it to allow anyong with a significant vote to be allowed into parliament and have the voting power of the % of the population who voted for them. A Block Vote, if you will, with the entire country's population being represented by a full House in parliament.

Referenda? How about anyone being able to suggest something and everyone gets a multiple-choice form each week/month/year

parlimentary buisness Must be exactly x days a week in the House and X in the constituancy. Never pass anything in an empty house!

MPs Timetable must be in parliment for parlimentary buisness sessions. (Its your Job).

2 Days a week; ward buiseness, surgery,

1 Day; Research. Info we give you, so you have the knowlage to do the job.

No lobbying, Lobbying is afordable only by very wealthy, vested interests. Obviously and clearly undemocratic.

NO political parties. Actualy they will wither as the become advocates of ideologys in a public forum, you do what you want to when your letter comes.

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