Following is a reply from Peter Hulm Cross.

It shows just how stupid our politicians are and thereby why and how seriously we need a different way of doing things.

If this answer was from a Zen priest bringing peace of mind to troubled souls it might, Just might make sense, but coming from a politician on so serious a topic, it is Arrogant, dangerous and stupid. Especially when the stakes are so high, this is a person who should not be at the controls.


 I SAID........................

To: Peter Hulme-Cross

Tuesday 11 March 2008

Dear Peter Hulme-Cross

I dispaire. Again we have really very serious
Ecological information telling us that we face very dangerous times if
We don't fundamentally change the way we do things.
But you seem to think we are doing enough.
If everything bad stopped today we would still face an uncertain future.
(Think how long it takes a supertanker to stop.) So anything less than a
Carbon negative economy is just not going to be enough to help in time.
Then our economy and its ability to keep all our population alive and
fed will fail and then there will be uncontrollable chaos.

A sad fate for the human experiment.

It is dangerously late now so when you finally
get around to dealing with the problem, it will be too late. Sadly
Indolence and prevarication are no substitute for action.

To survive we really need to make some major changes to our economy, farming, power production and use, and manufacturing.

Not dealing with these is tantamount to reckless endangerment. [and may be illeagal under tort law]

I urge you to start taking the situation as seriously as it deserves.

Tell me what you intend to do.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


SO HE SAID.....................




Dear Sensible politics

The future is always uncertain. Something unexpected can happen at any
time. Why not enjoy the present instead of worrying endlessly about
what may or may not happen in the future.

You assert that "To survive we really need to make some major changes to
our economy, farming, power production and use, and manufacturing".
Such things take decades to achieve and unless done slowly will result
in chaos even worse than what we are trying to avoid. If we haven't got
decades, then, according to your belief, we won't survive. That is all
the more reason to enjoy the present moment.

If things are as bad as you say, then we'll all go to hell in a handcart
together anyway.

Best Regards,

Peter Hulme Cross






 Dear Peter Hulme Cross,
You are dangerously ignorant of the sort of things you have fought to have responsibility over.
No wonder Ken Livingstone said "you need to earn respect"
That attitude of yours is seriously stupid, in other circumstances that would be called reckless endangerment.
Wake up.
read something
As Gill Scot Heron said to ignorant black boys,
"Put a book in your head."
Amongst other things I recommend a very well researched book called Deep Economy" by Bill McKibben
then you can decide , with knowlage, whether we are "going to hell in a hand cart" and maybe what to do about it.
Sorry to be so tough but you are endangering others.
Yours sincerely,

 Unsuprisingly I did not get a reply.


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