Documentary About Rain Forest Destruction.

    Specifically Habitat destruction and what happens to the animals, how they die or adapt balanced against the productivity of the resulting farmland.

1.    Be Blunt; piles of dead animals.
2.    Be Graphic; literaly use graphs and metaphors
3.    Befor and After. Images, Graphs, Pictures,
4.    Figures.

    Get in touch with experts
1.    Ecologist
2.    Farming Expert
3.    Producers and Documentary makers. Make up letter, notes on page 1
    Things I need to know.
1.    How they die
2.    What is farmed
3.    Befor and after statistics.
4.    Animals divided into species groups. Shown as overlayed graphs and then in piles of animals all neatly laid out
5.    Plants and trees into  its various groups
6.    Mamals
7.    Reptiles
8.    Insects
9.    Birds

    See the Photo Album page for the scans of my loose notes.

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